Medal winners fêted as top achievers

Chemistry graduate Aaron Rossini, who received three degrees from the University of Windsor, has achieved the highest academic standing at the graduate level among his cohort and will receive the Governor General’s Gold Medal at the first session of Convocation on Saturday, October 22.

Dr. Rossini graduated in October 2010 with a PhD in chemistry under the supervision of Robert Schurko, after earning both his undergraduate and Master’s education at the University of Windsor. He has authored or contributed to 31 academic presentations at local, national and international conferences and is the first author on 18 of these contributions.

Dr. Schurko describes him as “Undoubtedly the top graduate student to finish his Ph.D. in my research group’s 10-year history.”

In 2010, Rossini was awarded a two-year Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship and accepted a position as a post-doctoral research fellow in 2011 at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France in the laboratory of Prof. Lyndon Elmsley, who currently runs one of the premier solid-state NMR crystallography groups in the world.

Also centred out for recognition during the University of Windsor's 96th Convocation ceremonies will be winners of the Board of Governors Medals, awarded to the graduating student with the highest academic standing in each program:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering: Allison Joy Bawden
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering: Emir Mehrabi
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering: Hasan Shinar
  • Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering: Chun Hou

These medallists are in-course and will not graduate this fall:

  • Arts: Wendy Elske Eliane Drijber
  • Social Sciences: Lyndsay Stecher
  • Business Administration: Jesse Bauer
  • Engineering: Yiteng Liang
  • Law – JD : Noah Schein
  • Law – Dual JD: Terrence Liu
  • Human Kinetics: Renee Denise Meloche
  • Nursing: Esther Ai-Leng Foong
  • Science: Zachary Cramer, Jacob Gordner, Kevin Wong