Forum inspires grade school students to promote social justice

A forum to promote social justice has given them ideas to bring back to their home school, say Laith Al-Kinani and Eva Yeverovich, grade eight students from Giles Campus French Immersion Public School.

“Today’s youth can be oblivious to social injustice,” Al-Kinani said Thursday, at the conclusion of the forum held in the Odette Building. “I think this forum is a really great idea.”

The event attracted about 150 grade eight students—two from each school in the local public and Catholic systems. With a theme of “Together we can make a difference,” it was sponsored by the UWindsor Centre for Studies in Social Justice and organized by volunteer educators.

Students rose at the end of the day to discuss the impact of the day’s interactive workshops on a number of topics, from the prevalence of poverty and homelessness to the lessons learned from the Holocaust.

The event chair, Rosalyn Breshgold, is principal of Davis Public School. She called the University a crucial partner in the success of the forum.

“Coming to the University campus helps give participants something to aspire to,” she said. “Our partners are involved in every stage, from planning to the debrief at the end.”

Breshgold said the forum’s impact depends on students returning to their school communities and getting involved in projects that foster justice.

Al-Kinani and Yeverovich said they are considering a number of activities, including holding a multicultural fair and founding a peer mediation club.

“We are going to keep creating things through the year,” Yeverovich said.