Law professor William E. Conklin Law professor William E. Conklin was recently named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

UWindsor research leaders honoured by the Royal Society of Canada

Faculty of Law professor William E. Conklin received the highest honour in Canadian academia recently when he was named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

The society is Canada’s national academy and exists to promote Canadian research and scholarly accomplishment, to recognize academic and artistic excellence and to advise governments, non-governmental organizations and Canadians on matters of public interest. Fellows are elected by their peers in recognition of outstanding scholarly, scientific and artistic accomplishments and are considered to be at the pinnacle of achievement in their discipline.

Dr. Conklin’s academic achievements include original, internationally recognized contributions to jurisprudence, Canadian constitutional and international law, legal philosophy and legal education.

Biology professor Lisa Porter and music professor Sally Bick were also honoured by the Royal Society as Members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. This award recognizes an emerging generation of academics for achievement and intellectual leadership.

Sally BickDr. Bick explores music through the lens of politics, capturing the political undercurrents challenging assumptions about music, musical meaning and the role and status of the modernist art composer.

Lisa PorterDr. Porter is a leader in characterizing novel aspects of cell growth control and has discovered unique mechanisms linking development, maintenance regeneration and human disease. She is a strong advocate of relating research to the public and has initiated a unique movement to build translational research opportunities between Southwestern Ontario and Michigan.

“Royal Society fellowship and recognition as an emerging scholar are extraordinarily high honours for those pursuing academic endeavours,” says K.W. Michael Siu, UWindsor vice-president, research and innovation. “The research contributions of Drs. Conklin, Porter and Bick and their academic colleagues are an important part of helping the University of Windsor reach its research goals of meeting the challenges of viable, healthy and safe communities; healthy Great Lakes; sustainable industry and understanding borders.”

Past Royal Society inductees include:

Dr. Gordon Drake, Academy of Science; the late Dr. Byron Rourke, Academy of Social Sciences; Dr. John McConkey, Academy of Science; Alistair MacLeod, Academy of the Arts and Humanities; Professor Brian Fryer, Academy of Science; Dr. Ralph Johnson, Academy of the Arts and Humanities; Dr. K.W. Michael Siu, Academy of Science; Thomas Dilworth, Academy of the Arts and Humanities; Iain Baxter&, Academy of the Arts and Humanities.