Photography exhibition a collaboration with design studio

An exhibition in the front window of the Dry Goods Gallery in Ford City features the work of School of Creative Arts students in the Introductory Photography course taught by Nadja Pelkey (BFA 2008), associate curator of projects and partnerships at Art Windsor Essex.

Dry Goods Gallery window displayNicole Baillergeon and Crystal Waddell of architectural and design practice Mean Studio selected more than 40 photographs to be mounted in the installation, Constructed Worlds.

Student photographers Avery Blazevich, Brayden Jones, Cindy Lai, Danish Niazi, Elise Potma, Gioia Greco, Hannah King, Haylee Ouellette, Heather Bezaire, Jay Newman, Jilian Christie, Jingying Wang, Julia Serek, Julianna Szeto, Julianne Gabucan, Katherine Brooks, Lianxingzi Xue, Maya Rice, Naomi Mcguffin, Nicholas Tracey, Omar Al-Faouri, Parker Mosey, Sarah Smitherman, Ruveyda Sahinduran, Shayla Coppola, and Victoria Shalton are represented in the exhibition.

The hotographs have been placed into an oversized re-interpretation of Charles and Ray Eames’ House of Cards. Taking a playful and exploratory approach mirroring the process of learning and design, Mean Studio has reconfigured the diverse themes of the students’ artworks into a diorama where the images can respond to each other as well as the surroundings of the gallery space in which they are displayed.

This project was made possible with the assistance of student curatorial co-ordinator Szaky Wu and MFA student Emma Feliciano.

Pelkey praises the collaboration with Mean Studio.

“Working with Nicole and Crystal on this project has been incredible,” she says. “It’s important for students to engage with creative professionals. It gives them the opportunity to learn about career paths, develop connections and relationships, and gain an understanding of what’s possible outside of the classroom.”

Pelkey notes that at the beginning of the term, some of the students had never used a camera or digitally edited an image.

“Now they have collaborated with professionals and are exhibiting their work in public,” she says. “Experiential learning is foundational to student success, both in their studies and their future careers in the arts.”

Constructed Worlds is on view at Dry Goods Gallery, 1012 Drouillard Rd., until June 16.

—Susan McKee