Armand Gaudette

Johnny Murer, Eva Bernachi, Armand Gaudette, and Mary BrownlieJohnny Murer, Eva Bernachi, Armand Gaudette, and Mary Brownlie are among the six IT Service staff members whose retirements will be celebrated Wednesday at an open house reception.

Open house reception to celebrate retirements of IT Services staff members

An open house reception Wednesday, Dec. 13, will celebrate the retirements of several long-serving Information Technology Services team members.

Armand GaudetteArmand Gaudette, a programmer in IT Services, is happy with his purchase of butter tarts from a stand at the farmersʼ market.

Market to bring farm fresh produce to campus

Fresh fruits and vegetables await shoppers at the campus farmersʼ market, each Thursday afternoon through November 5.