Sandra Riccio-Muglia

Sandra Riccio-MugliaSandra Riccio-Muglia readies for a new day of work for the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance.

Event planner calls on students to follow their passions

The greater the commitment to a project, the greater its chances for success, says Sandra Riccio-Muglia. The new director of events and programs for the CAW Student Centre, she invites students to bring her their ideas for activities on campus.

“Think outside of the box. I want students to think of something fun they would want to go to themselves,” she says. “The more they love something, the more it will succeed.”

Riccio-Muglia is ready to help students organize and plan events for clubs, facilities, and groups.

Deadline approaching for OPUS award nominations

Monday, February 6, is the deadline for nominations for the 20th annual Organization of Part-time University Students awards banquet, to be held March 15.

The banquet recognizes professors and staff members and celebrates the contributions of part-time students and the organization’s members.

All part-time undergrads, as well as UWindsor staff and faculty members, are welcome to submit nominations for these awards: