Students to vote on Transit Windsor pass plan

The University of Windsor Students’ Alliance will hold a referendum in March asking members to support a universal bus pass, president André Capaldi announced Monday.

Under the U-Pass proposal outlined by Capaldi, full-time undergraduates would pay $45 a semester, increasing over five years to $57.50 a semester, and would receive a pass for service on all Transit Windsor bus routes.

This represents a significant savings over the current student rate of $55 per month, Capaldi said.

“I think this allow students an environmentally-friendly way to commute to campus and explore the city,” he said.

Transit Windsor board chair Bill Marra said any increase in revenues will go to improving the service: “We have to make sure riders get to their destinations in a timely way.”

Students will be able to try out the bus service with a week’s free rides, February 26 to March 3. Capaldi hopes the experience will convince them to support the U-Pass proposal during balloting in the alliance’s general election, March 7 and 8.

Learn more about the U-Pass referendum on the Facebook page of Students 4 Transit.

Faculty and staff invited to hop on board

Other members of the campus community – faculty, staff, and part-time and graduate students – will be able to opt in to the U-Pass, if it is approved by voters.

“An important priority for us will be that this is a community initiative,” Capaldi said. “This will help to relieve the parking issues on campus.”