meter reading "expired" car behind with ticket on windshieldYour campus parking need never expire, thanks to a new mobile app.

App provides mobile payment option for campus parking

A new digital application will allow users to find and pay for parking in campus lots through their smartphones or tablet computers.

The university has partnered with HonkMobile to release the free app, which lets drivers bypass the meters in pay-and-display lots, including the Askin, Assumption, Clark, Human Kinetics, Stadium and Union lots. Users receive alerts 15 minutes prior to expiration of their parking session, giving them the opportunity to pay for additional time remotely. The app also stores and manages parking receipts.

“We love the simplicity and effortlessness of using HonkMobile,” says Laurie Butler-Grondin, manager of UWindsor parking services. “This is the innovative solution we’ve been looking for. It doesn’t make sense to be searching for change and running back and forth to parking meters anymore.”

HonkMobile founder Michael Back says he is excited to share his product with the UWindsor community.

“The university is on a mission to maximize the ease, convenience and efficiency of parking for all students and faculty,” he says. “It’s just one less thing to think about in our increasingly busy and stressful world.”

To download the app or learn more, visit

Company representatives will be on hand Tuesday, January 19, to celebrate an official launch of the app, which is already operational in campus parking lots. They will distribute information and refreshments in the CAW Student Centre starting at 10:30 a.m. They’ll be happy to demonstrate download, registration, and function of HonkMobile as well.