Alan WildemanUWindsor president Alan Wildeman presents his 2016 address to campus, “2016—A Leap Year in Many Ways,” Friday in the CAW Student Centre.

President’s address previews new budget model

President Alan Wildeman outlined a budgeting model that builds in the ability to respond to enrolment numbers during an address to the campus community Friday.

“Enrolment drives the revenues to the institution, yet historically the data about enrolment has been more or less disconnected from the budgeting process,” he said in his presentation, entitled “2016—A Leap Year in Many Ways.”

The aim is to have conversations about resources with a full awareness of the actual data, said Dr. Wildeman, noting the model is currently the subject of discussions with the deans.

“By working with actual data we can achieve greater transparency, and approach challenges with a clearer understanding of the underlying causes,” he said. “This does not mean that there will not be budgetary challenges, but with the new model we … will be able to put in place incentives that faculty can use to maximize their enrolment potential.”

In another highlight of his speech, Wildeman announced plans to launch a process to name two pedestrian thoroughfares central to the campus: those stretches of the former Sunset Avenue and Patricia Road between University Avenue and Wyandotte Street.

A full text of the speech is available on the presidential communications webpage.