Madeleine Chang, Madeleine Chang, president of Outstanding Scholars Student Council, poses with a sign promoting United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 4 – quality education.

Outstanding Scholars orientation brimming with students looking to connect

Students in the Outstanding Scholars program were happy to join an in-person orientation session Saturday, Sept. 11.

More than 200 gathered an interactive session where students shared their concerns, anxieties, and aspirations for the academic year.

“We were excited to get the opportunity to meet other Outstanding Scholars students in person,” said Madeleine Chang, president of Outstanding Scholars Student Council. “We were highly successful in getting connected with students early in the semester.”

Tim Brunet, co-ordinator of Outstanding Scholars and Student Leadership, said that while the Outstanding Scholars program funds research and creative work, it is also centered about building important affiliations that students need for their success in conducting research and creative work while being engaged as leaders on campus.

Outstanding Scholars aim to inform on-campus networks about several United Nations priorities: its Sustainability Development Goals, the Declaration on the Rights for Indigenous Peoples, the International Decade for People of African Descent, and model United Nations activities on campus.

“The Outstanding Scholars curriculum aims to connect students with each other, the research and creative work being done on campus, and international frameworks about world issues,” said Dr. Brunet.

The orientation day featured initial meetings between mentors and more than 100 mentees.

Rebecca Misiasz, one of four co-ordinators of the mentorship program, said it provides first-year students the opportunity “to share success, concerns, and aspirations” with mentors.

The next event is Meet the Prof night, when Outstanding Scholars students connect with faculty to discuss research and creative work opportunities.