Dr. Cam Cobb

Dr. Cam Cobb

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Email: cobbcam@uwindsor.ca
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext 3809
Office: Room 3322, Leonard & Dorothy Neal Education Building

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Associate Professor, Chair of Research, Ph.D. UT/OISE

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Cam Cobb teaches in the Faculty of Education and Academic Developement at the University of Windsor. He has lived and worked in South Korea and taught with the Toronto District School Board for eleven years. His research focuses on such topics as social justice issues in special education, co-teaching in adult leaning contexts, and narrative pedagogy in the arts.

Publications Icon Publications

Cobb, C. (2012). Speed Bumps, Roadblocks and Tollbooths: How Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Parents Navigate the Highways and Byways of Giftedness in Ontario. British Journal of Special Education39(1), 12-20.

Cobb, C. (2012). Throwing out the Culturally Unresponsive Cookie Cutter: Collaborations, Concessions, and Curriculum in a Ramadan Music Accommodation. Canadian Journal of Action Research13(3), 3-18.

Cobb, C. (2013) "Membership Has Its Privileges": The Elusive and Influential Nature of Special Education Expertise. Teaching and Learning7(3), 47-61.

Cobb, C. (2014). Critical Entanglement: Research on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Parental Involvement in Special Education 2000-2010. Exceptionality Education International23(1), 40-58. 

Cobb, C. (2014). Narrative Pedagogy on a Train. Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, 5, 140-156.

Cobb, C. (2014). The Three-Legged Stool of Parental Inclusion: The case of Hana. British Journal of Special Education, 41(3), 289-308.

Cobb, C., Weibe, N. Potter, M.K., & Magnum, B. (2014). Teaching Tarleton. The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review, 12, 143-166.

Cobb, C. (2015). Principals Play Many Parts: A Review of Research on School Principals as Special Education Leaders 2001-2011. International Journal of Inclusive Education19(3), 213-234.

Cobb, C. (2015). Is French immersion a Special Education Loophole? ... And Does it Magnify Issues of Accessibility and Exclusion? International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 18(2), 170-187.

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B.A. (Hons), Queen's University