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Dr. Priscila Corrêa

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Contact Information Icon Contact Information

Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3841
Office: Room 3326, Leonard & Dorothy Neal Education Building

Profile Icon Profile

Assistant Professor, Ph.D University of Alberta

Priscila holds a PhD in Mathematics Education and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. She has been involved in research about mathematics education both in Canada and in Brazil. As a mathematics educator, Priscila is concerned about making the most out of her students' experiences within mathematics.

Research Interests Icon Research Interests

  • Mathematics education.
  • Assessment in mathematics.
  • Teaching for mathematical proficiency.
  • School mathematics curricula.
  • Anti-Black racism and mathematics.
  • Computational thinking.
  • Mathematics high-level tasks.
  • Mathematical modelling.
  • Innovative approaches in mathematical teaching.

Courses Taught Icon Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses
  • Mathematics (Intermediate/Senior Division)
  • Mathematics Foundations (Junior/Intermediate Division)
  • Mathematics Methodology (Junior/Intermediate Division)
  • Mathematics Foundations (Primary/Junior Division)
  • Mathematics Methodology (Primary/Junior Division)
  • Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Mathematics Majors I
  • Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Mathematics Majors II
  • Integrating Theory and Classroom Practice in the Advanced Professional Term
  • Curriculum and Teaching for Secondary School Mathematics Minors
  • Specialized Methods in Secondary School Mathematics Teaching
  • The Use of Computers in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
Graduate Courses
  • The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Secondary Mathematics Education: Examining Tasks, Curricula and Programs 

Publications Icon Selected Publications

Corrêa, P. D., & Rangel, L. (forthcoming). A Combined Reading between Brazilian and Canadian Mathematics Curricula: The Teaching of Numbers. Proceedings of the Canada International Conference on Education.

Corrêa, P. D. (2021). The mathematical proficiency promoted by mathematical modelling. Journal of Research in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 4(2), 107-131.

Corrêa, P., & Haslam, D. (2021). Mathematical proficiency as the basis for assessment: A literature review and its potentialities. Mathematics Teaching Research Journal, 12(4), 3-20.

Corrêa, P. D., & Simmt, E. (2020). Formação de professores de matemática no Canadá. In: H. D. Lacerda, M. V. Maltempi, & D. S. Cabanha (Eds), Formação Inicial de Professores de Matemática em Diversos Países (pp. 27-47). Editora Livraria da Física.

Corrêa, P. D. (2018). Observing for mathematical proficiency in secondary mathematics education. In: A. Kajander, J. Holm, & E. Chernoff (Eds), Advances in Mathematics Education. Teaching and learning secondary school mathematics: Canadian perspectives in an international context (pp. 453-464). Springer.

Corrêa, P. D. (2015). Teaching mathematics for understanding: Approaching and observing. Delta-K - Journal of the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, 52(2), 37-43.

Corrêa, P. M. D. (2015). Logotipos, funções e Geogebra: Uma combinação bem-sucedida. Revista do Professor de Matemática, 86, 36-40.

Education Icon Education

Ph.D., University of Alberta
M.Eng., Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
B.Ed., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
B.Eng., Federal Centre of Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro