Dr. James Alan Oloo

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Contact Information Icon Contact Information

Email: james.oloo@uwindsor.ca
Phone: (519)-253-3000 ext. 3824
Office: Room 3342A, Leonard & Dorothy Neal Education Building

Profile Icon Profile

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. University of Regina

James Oloo is an assistant professor in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership. His research explores ways of improving learning experiences for all students. Dr. Oloo’s research also seeks to better understand factors and conditions that enhance success among underrepresented students, including Indigenous students, and those from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. He is a former high school teacher.

Research Interests Icon Research Interests

  • Educational administration
  • Best practices for teaching linguistically and culturally-diverse students
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Teacher narratives

Courses Taught Icon Courses Taught

  • EDUC 5202: Foundations of Practice - Classroom Practice
  • EDUC 5210: Foundations of Practice - Law and Ethics, School Governance
  • EDUC 5499: Practicum Advising 
  • EDUC 8290: Theories of Educational Administration

Recent Awards

University of Windsor Education Society Professor of the Year (Junior/Intermediate), 2021.

Order of Gabriel Dumont Bronze Medal in recognition of service to the Métis people of Saskatchewan, Gabriel Dumont Institute, 2020.

Research Grants

Oloo, J. A. (Principal Investigator) & Corrêa, P. D. (Co-Investigator). (2021-2022). Racialized mathematics learning experiences of Black undergraduate students in Ontario. University of Windsor, Project Number 820414 ($8,000).

Publications Icon Publications

Oloo, J. A. (2022). Understanding and enhancing academic experiences of culturally and linguistically-diverse international students in Canada. In C. Smith & G. Zhou (Eds.), Handbook of research on teaching strategies for culturally and linguistically diverse international students (pp. 61-74). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Oloo, J. & Relland, M. (2021). “I Think of my Classroom as a Place of Healing”: Experiences of Indigenous Students in a Community-Based Master of Education Program in Saskatchewan. Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, (197), 94-107. https://doi.org/10.7202/1083335ar

Kiramba, L. K., & Oloo, J. A. (2020). Identity Negotiation in Multilingual Contexts: A Narrative Inquiry into Experiences of an African Immigrant High School Student. Teachers College Record 122(13). https://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentId=23389

Kiramba, L. K., & Oloo, J. A. (2019). “It’s OK. She Doesn’t Even Speak English”: Narratives of Language, Culture, and Identity Negotiation by Immigrant High School Students. Urban Education https://doi.org/10.1177/0042085919873696

Oloo, J. A. & Kiramba, L. K. (2019). A narrative inquiry into experiences of Indigenous teachers during and after teacher preparation. Race Ethnicity and Education https://doi.org/10.1080/13613324.2019.1604507

Oloo, J. A. (2012). Immigrant teachers in Saskatchewan schools: A human resource perspective. KEDI Journal of Educational Policy, 9(2), 219-237.

Oloo, J. A. (2007). Aboriginal university student success in British Columbia: A time for action. Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 36(2007), 88-100.

Conference Presentations

Oloo, J. A. (2019). Agency and resilience strategies employed by immigrant teachers in rural Saskatchewan. A paper presented at the 15th Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Q12019, May 15-18, 2019, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

Oloo, J. A., & Nyongesa, C. (2018). Strategies and interventions employed by mathematics teachers in supporting learners with mathematical learning difficulties: A case study. A paper presented at the 46th Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education, May 26–31, 2018, the University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Education Icon Education

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), University of Regina

Master of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University

Master of Education, University of Lethbridge

Bachelor of Education, Maseno University College, Kenya