Dr. Dragana Martinovic

Dr. Dragana Martinovic

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Email: dragana@uwindsor.ca
Websitehttp://web4.uwindsor.ca/dragana External Link 

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Professor Emeritus, Ph.D. University of Toronto
Fields' Institute Fellow

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Dragana explores ways in which technology can improve teaching and learning outcomes, and the digital literacy skills needed for a successful learner and worker of the 21st century. She is dedicated to supporting teacher-led research and providing opportunities for all involved in education to collaboratively work towards increasing student engagement, success, and love for learning.

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Pre-Service Courses

  • 80-366 Mathematics as a Teachable Subject (I/S)
  • 80-332 Computers in Education (J/I/S)
  • 80-207 Language and Cultural Engagement (J/I/S)
  • 80-209 Issues in Education: Teachers-as-Researchers (J/I/S)
  • 80-499: Field Experience Practicum (I/S)

Graduate Courses

  • 80-641 Cognition and Learning (Doctoral Level)
  • 81-553 Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (Master's Level) 
  • ED 604 Quantitative Research Methods (Doctoral level)
  • 80-510 Statistics for Education (Master's Level)
  • ED 651 Directed Study (Doctoral Level)
  • 80-534 Individual Reading Course (Master's Level)

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PhD., University of Toronto
M.Sc., University of Belgrade
B.Sc., University of Belgrade