Dr. Andrew Allen

Dr. Andrew Allen

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Contact Information Icon Contact Information

Email: aallen@uwindsor.ca
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3829
Office: Room 3331, Leonard & Dorothy Neal Education Building
www.andrewallen.ca External Link

Profile Icon Profile

Associate Professor, Ph.D. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto
Anti-Racism Pedagogies Teaching Leadership Chair

Research Interests Icon Research Interests

Race, Class and Gender and Issues of Social Difference and Marginalization in Education and Schooling, Urban Education, Critical Teacher Education and Negotiating a Critical Teaching Practice, International Service Learning, Critical Race Theory, Critical Anti-Racism, Developing Teacher Identity and Factors Contributing to and Affecting the Process of Learning to Teach.

Courses Taught Icon Courses Taught

Pre-Service Courses

  • 5215 Mathematics Foundations
  • 5315 Mathematics Methodology
  • 5207 Urban Education
  • 8270 Research in Education
  • 8300 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research

Publications Icon Publications

Sharma, M., Allen, A. & Ibrahim, A. Eds. (2021). Disruptive Learning Narrative Framework: Analyzing Race, Power, and Privilege in Post-Secondary International Service Learning, Bloomsbury Academic Publishing, London.

Allen, A.M.A., (2020). The Complexities of Race, Racialization, Blackness and Africaness: Working to Deconolize My Teacher Education Program. In Dei, G. J. S., Odozor, E., & Jiménez, A. V. (Eds.). Cartographies of Blackness and Black Indigeneities. Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Allen, A. M. (2019). Negotiating University Teaching in Canada using Critical Race Theory: Having to Continually Prove Oneself in Academia. In Heaggans, R., & Frierson, H. T. (Eds.). Diversity and Triumphs of Navigating the Terrain of Academe. Emerald Publishing Limited.

Solomon, R.P.; Singer, J.; Allen, A.M.A.; Campbell, A. (2011). Brave New Teachers: Doing Social Justice Work In Neo-Liberal Times. Canadian Scholars’ Press.

Allen, A. (2011). Improving the Education and Life Chances of African Canadians: A Vision for Preparing Students for the World of the 21st Century.” In V. D’Oyley (Ed.) Re/visioning: Canadian Perspectives of the Education of Africans in the 21st Century. Toronto ON: Captus Press Inc., 77-88.

Allen, A. (2010). Beyond Kentes and Kwanzaa: Reconceptualizing the Africentric school and curriculum using the principles of anti-racism education. In Anti-racism in education: Missing in action, 327-342.

Allen, A. (2008). Learning to teach, learning to play the game: A case study of a minority teacher candidate teaching for equity, diversity and social justice. Comparative and International Education37(2).

Allen, A. (2007). Hitting too Close to Home: A Case Study of a Beginning Teacher’s Struggle to Teach Critically (2007). In Killoran, I., & Pendleton-Jimenez, K. (Eds.). Unleashing the unpopular: Talking about sexual orientation and gender diversity in education. Wheaton, MD: ACEI.

Solomon, R. P., Allen, A. M., & Campbell, A. (2007). The politics of advocacy, strategies for change: Diversity and social justice pedagogy in urban schools. Urban teacher education and teaching: Innovative practices for diversity and social justice, 207-226.

Curriculum Materials

“African Heritage Resource Document: K-8” [Lead Writer on a school board working group writing committee]. Toronto District School Board. (2002).

“Role of the Reader in the Curriculum: A Curricular Approach to Anti-Racist Education.” [Working group writing committee]. North York Board of Education. (1996).

“The Infusion of African Heritage into the Curriculum.” [Working group writing committee]. North York Board of Education. (1992).

Education Icon Education

Ph.D., OISE/University of Toronto
M.Ed., York University
B.Ed., York University
B.Tech., Ryerson University

​Recent Graduate Supervision

Wendy Segar (in progress), M.Ed., An Analysis Of The Academic Literacy Of First Year International Graduate Students In A Faculty Of Education Program

Syed Zaidi (2020) M.Ed., Corporatization of Education and the Effects on Teachers’ Ability to Teach Independently and Freely in the Age of Globalization

Fabiana Menezes (2020) M.Ed., Educational Challenges of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in Canada and in the United States of America: A Systematic Literature Review

Ebhade Ebhaleme (2019) M.Ed., Current Issues And Challenges Of Teachers Training For Childhood Education In West African Countries, A Case Study Of Nigeria.

Hassan Adan (2018) M.Ed., Examining the Experiences of Learning to Teach for Teacher Candidates in an International Teacher Education Practicum Placement in Tanzania East Africa

Chrispina Lekule (2013) Ph.D., Investigating School Experiences of Vulnerable Children in Singida, Tanzania: Challenges, Strategies and Possible Intervention