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What are AQ Courses?

What are Additional Qualifications Courses?

Additional Qualification Courses (AQ Courses) are courses that are accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Teachers can take these courses in order to upgrade and gain qualifications in a certain teaching division or subject area. Completed AQ courses will be posted to your Certificate of Qualification which is a document viewed by Ontario school boards for hiring purposes. 


AQ courses are divided into five categories, otherwise referred to as 'schedules' as per the OCT.  Detailed information regarding the different schedules may be found at www.oct.ca External Link.

Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ) - Schedule A

These courses are intended for candidates who wish to obtain another division. The Faculty of Education offers ABQ in the Primary and Junior Division and a number of subject specific courses in the Intermediate and Senior Divisions. With all but a few exceptions, ABQ courses have specific undergraduate credit pre-requisites.

Additional Basic Qualifications (ABQ)-Technological Studies-Schedule B

These courses are intended for candidates who wish to obtain qualification in a technological subject area at the grade 9 and 10 level and/or at the grade 11 or 12 level.

Additional Qualifications (AQ) - One Session - Schedule C

These courses are intended for candidates who wish to obtain qualification in an area which targets most recent professional development.

Additional Qualifications (AQ) - Three Session - Schedule D

By completing Parts 1, 2 and Specialist, candidates will receive a Specialist recognition and may wish to consult with the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO) or the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSST) to have their Certificate of Qualifications re-evaluated for a category change.

Additional Qualifications (AQ) - Honour Specialist - Schedule E

These courses target leadership in a particular subject and prepare candidates for Educational Leadership positions. Honour Specialist courses have specific undergraduate credit pre-requisites along with a two-year teaching experience as verified by a Superintendent.

Who is eligible for AQ Courses?

Teachers certified with the Ontario College of Teachers are eligible to take AQ courses. Ontario B.Ed students may take courses prior to membership with OCT, if they have met all the requirements to graduate and if they have applied to the OCT for a Certificate of Qualification.

Read more detailed information about some of the courses that have specific prerequisites.