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Proficiency Testing

Dear Continuing Teacher Education (AQ, ABQ, PQP, IB) Students:

The Faculty of Education will currently not be offering any face-to-face courses.  This includes all of our AQ, ABQ, PQP, and IB courses scheduled to run through the Continuing Teacher Education program.  If you need to take a Proficiency test, an online test will be administered.  


•        Math Proficiency Test – Please contact to arrange for testing.

•         French Language Proficiency Test – Please contact to arrange for testing.


We wish you all to know as well that the Faculty of Education building was closed indefinitely effective March 2020.  We have taken this measure to reinforce the seriousness of social distancing, but also to enhance overall safety in the building.

All staff and administration are now working remotely.  If you have questions for us, please email us at:


You will find all official university communications here:

During this unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic, I would ask each of you to take the greatest precautions to protect yourself and others from this serious, and rapidly spreading, virus.  If you are feeling unwell, exhibiting any symptoms of illness, have travelled out of country, and/or have potentially come in contact with others exposed to the virus, please stay home, self-quarantine for the full 14 days as recommended by all health authorities, and/or seek medical treatment as necessary.


Best Regards,

Continuing Teacher Education Program

Faculty of Education, University of Windsor