IEEE Seminar - EMC Demo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 14:00

IEEE Seminar - EMC Demo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Room 1100, CEI

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Do you want to learn more about EMC?
Do you want to see a practical demo for EMC?
Then come join us on MAY 22nd in CEI building at 6PM


WHAT IS EMC? Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) deals with the study of the interaction of electrical and electronic devices with their electromagnetic environment. All electronic instruments have the potential to emit electromagnetic fields. With the proliferation of electronic devices into everyday life - TVs, Washing machines, Electronic ignitions, Traffic lights, Mobile phones, ATMs, and Anti-theft tags to name a few - there is therefore a huge potential for devices to interfere with one another.

Recently re-activated IEEE student branch at the University of Windsor will host its first event on campus; we will be hosting Joanna Hill, an EMC engineer, from Hella Electronics Corporation. Lin Li from Rhode Schwarz will also be in attendance. They will guide us through what EMC is and how it is useful in the present day electronic systems.

This presentation discusses ways to view physical conductive structures in order to enable the engineer to see the antenna structures that result in EMC failures. You will learn to view physical structures not in relation to inches or meters, but in relation to wavelength. Magically, the witchcraft to EMC becomes understandable and compliance failures become far easier to fix.

It will not be just a presentation, but a practical demo will also be held.  The presenters will be setting up an antenna and network analyzer for demonstration purposes.

All Electrical Engineering students are encouraged to attend this seminar. We will also be discussing and the advantages of acquiring an IEEE student membership and the services provided by the IEEE.


Hanan Mekawy