Hello everybody!

Louisa here. Well, what can I tell you so far about Windsor and the surrounding are? To be honest, I like it here very much. I've heard so much about how being in Windsor allows you to enjoy the best of all worlds. And so far, it's true.

You can enjoy city life without the chaos of big city traffic jams, overall congestion, and high prices often assoicated with major metropolitan areas. But in about a 20 minute ride, you can be in a small, quaint and historic town. Or drive another 20 minutes and you'll be in a national park discovering local flora and wildlife near the water. The area offers many parks and trails. On weekends during the summer months, these parks in and around Windsor often host great little festivals or markets. Especially on these days, the cozy and relaxed side of Windsor comes out. And the sunshine - it's plentiful. Plus the local culture, food, and other attractions add to the excitement. Sharing my stories with you is the part I love!

Louisa in Amherstburg waterfront with sun setting in background

This is me in Amherstburg, Ontario during a beautiful sunset on the Detroit River waterfront

Exterior of Dillon Hall

Dillon Hall at the University of Windsor. Dillon Hall is built in Gothic Revival style.

Windsor has an incredibly good location. It is close to the Great Lakes, the U.S. border, and allows for visits to other destinations. Windsor offers incredible sunsets due to its waterfront location and invites you to take walks along the waterfront or in one of the parks. A good Italian restaurant in Little Italy or a visit to the neighbouring towns of Windsor-Essex will make your stay in Windsor unforgettable. There is a lot to see and experience. 

I also have to say that I was very surprised when I walked around campus for the first time. There are beautiful flowers blooming everywhere and you can admire the different buildings. This place is beautiful, especially in the summer!

It was also the first time I moved alone to a foreign country for a long time. Many have concerns and fears and don't know if they will make it. Or whether they will find a connection.

But I can already take away this fear. You will make friends at the University very quickly. I was a little afraid of that, too. But because of the fast circle of friends, I was able to go with them to the "Enginursing Gala". This ball was organized by and for the engineering and nursing students. There are several events for all students at the University during your stay at the University of Windsor. 

Flowers on campus

Flowers everywhere around the campus

Louisa with friends in front of Caesars Windsor for a gala

Theo, Me, Kate and Wilson on the evening of the gala in front of the Caesars Windsor.

Variety of campus flowers

Even more flowers on campus!