King's Navy Yard Park monument

Monument at King's Navy Yard Park

Sunset on waterfront in Amherstburg

Sunset on the Detroit River waterfront in Amherstburg

Ice cream and frozen yogurt shop

Waterfront Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Amherstburg is about 30 minutes (by car) away from Windsor. Amherstburg is in Essex County and is a very historical little town. In Amherstburg you can visit the Fort Malden National Historic Site, where you can learn about the history of Canada, especially the War of 1812 between Canada (then a British colony) and the United States.

Also, Amherstburg is home to the Amherstburg Freedom Museum, which is also known as the North American Black Historical Museum.

Downtown Amherstburg also has some attractions to offer and is well worth a walk.  In the King's Navy Yard Park, which runs along the river, you will find several monuments and beautiful flower beds. Sometimes you can watch big freighter ships going uo and down the Detroit River – wending their way among the many islands of the River.

And the perfect end to your day would be some ice cream at the Waterfront Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt! The ice cream tastes fantastic there.