Dr. Paul Henshaw

Dr. Paul HenshawDepartment Head, Associate Professor
519-253-3000 ext. 2588
Office: 3076 CEI


  • PhD Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, 1995
  • MASc Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, 1990
  • BEngSci Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Ontario, 1985
  • BSc Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, 1983

Research Interests

  • Solar energy
  • Automotive coatings application
  • Greenhouse modelling

Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • American Solar Energy Society
  • American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Selected Publications

  • Aman, J., Henshaw, P. and Ting, D.S.-K. (2018) Bubble-pump-driven LiBr-H2O and LiCl-H2O absorption air-conditioning systems. Thermal Sci. & Engineering Progress (in press).
  • Ray, R. and Henshaw, P. (2018) Evaporation of clearcoat solvents from a rotary bell atomizer and its relationship with bell speed, flow rate and electrostatic potential. J. Coatings Tech. Res. 15 (1), 41-49.
  • Aman, J., Henshaw, P. and Ting, D.S.-K. (2018) Solar sorption cooling for residential air-conditioning applications. Int. J. Renewable Energy Tech., 9 (1/2) 136-157.
  • Aman, J., Henshaw, P. and Ting, D.S.-K. (2017) Performance characterization of a bubble pump for vapor absorption refrigeration systems. Int. J. Refrigeration, 85, 58-69.
  • Aman, J., Henshaw, P. and Ting, D.S.-K. (2017) Energy efficiency and economic feasibility of an absorption air-conditioning system using wet, dry and hybrid heat rejection methods. Int. J. Env. Studies 75 (1) 68-85.
  • Henshaw, P. (2017) Modelling changes to an unheated greenhouse in the Canadian Subarctic to lengthen the growing season. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 24 (Dec.) 31-38.
  • Fouladi, F., Henshaw, P., Ting, D.S.-K. and Ray, S. (2016) Flat plate convection heat transfer enhancement via a square rib, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, 104 1202-1216.
  • Aman, J., Ting, D.S.-K. and Henshaw, P. (2014) Residential solar air conditioning: Energy and exergy analyses of an ammonia-water absorption cooling system. Appl. Thermal Eng’g. 62 (2), 424-432.
  • Fouladi, F., Henshaw, P. and Ting, D.S-K. (2013) Enhancing Smart Grid realization with accurate prediction of photovoltaic performance based on weather forecast. Int. J. Env. Studies 70 (5), 754-764.
  • Di Domenico, J. & Henshaw, P. (2012) The effects of base coat bell application parameters on elements of appearance for an automotive coatings process. JCT Research 9 (6), 675-686.
  • Henshaw, P. (2016) Modelling energy efficiency improvements to an unheated greenhouse in the Canadian subarctic. Energy and Water 2016, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, June 22-23.