Close up of engineering research machinery

Advanced Production and Design Lab

  • Bridges research related to advanced manufacturing and practical applications 
  • Utilizes innovative technologies to improve product and process designs including: Rapid manufacturing strategies (including additive manufacturing (3D printing), rapid prototyping, machining, design for changeovers and inspection)
  • Product design for manufacturing; process planning and manufacturing systems design; design recovery
  • Cognitive ergonomics related to complexity (product, process, and operations perspectives for effective systems design)
  • Provides support for process improvements including modeling, simulation, and experimentation 
  • Possesses reverse engineering tools to target creating either a replicate model or an idealized model which can be utilized for subsequent downstream optimization
  • Equipped with an industrial grade Fused Deposition Modeling machine: Fortus 400 M/C and a 3 axis CNC printer-mill machine to explore hybrid deposition and machining synergies
  • Collaborates with industry to 1) assist with additive manufacturing process design and simulation tool development (to combine additive and subtractive processes seamlessly) and 2) address process planning challenges with multi-tasking machine tools

To get involved with the Advanced Production and Design Lab

Contact: Dr. Jill Urbanic
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2633