Metal Forming Research Lab

Metal Forming Research Lab

  • Conducts research and experimental testing with the following equipment:
    • 240-ton double action hydraulic press for blanking, piercing, formability testing (Nakazima, Marciniak, Erichsen, bending, hole expansion, hydraulic bulge test), cyclic shear, hot stamping, die wear testing, etc.
    • Tension/compression split Hopkinson bar apparatus for high strain rate characterization of work hardening behaviour of metals
    • Flat rolling mill for pre-straining up to large deformations
    • Instron Charpy impact tester for fracture toughness
    • Metallurgical lab, optical microscope, scanning electron microscope 
    • FMTI optical strain measurement; high-resolution stereo-cameras; high-speed Photron cameras with digital image correlation software
  • Performs Numerical simulations including finite element simulations of various metal forming processes (stamping, drawing, springback prediction, hydroforming, piercing, trimming, electrohydraulic forming etc.) using LS-Dyna or ABAQUS. 

  • Development of user-defined material subroutines for ABAQUS allows advanced constitutive models and damage models to be used that are not commercially available.

  • Engages in constitutive and damage modeling such as the development of advanced anisotropic, rate-dependent constitutive models and ductile damage models for use in finite element simulations and for prediction of forming behaviour, of the onset of plastic instability and fracture.

  • Carries out micromechanical modeling: development of micro- and mesoscale mechanical models (RVE – representative volume element, CA – cellular automata) for prediction of deformation and fracture of multi-phase steel sheets.

To get involved with the Metal Forming Research Lab

Contact: Dr. Daniel Green
Department of Mechanical, Automotive and Materials Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 3887