Sustainable Engineering and End-of-Life Management Lab

Sustainable Engineering and End-of-Life Management Lab

Investigates sustainability and engineering applications, including environmental impacts from engineered products. Research themes include: 

  • Evaluating end-of-life opportunities for recovered materials, including the automotive industry

  • Assessing the functionality, resiliency, and sustainability for infrastructure systems

  • Classifying brownfield site redevelopment opportunities

  • Assessing and benchmarking engineered products and systems

  • Undertaking and developing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental metrics for applications, including: 

    • LCA of bio-based ethanol production alternatives

    • Passenger vehicle LCA methodologies

    • End-of-life vehicle life cycle inventory assessment

    • LCA of Bio-based materials use in the automotive industry

    • LCA of automotive paint solvent recycling alternatives 

  • Provides solutions for waste management and materials recycling and recoverability for the emerging circular economy. Examples include:
    • ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional) and municipal waste audits and waste minimization studies
    • Comminution and liberation of plastics from commercial plastic products with and without cryogenic pre-treatment
    • Assessment of organic waste management in cold weather climates using black soldier fly

To get involved with the Sustainable Engineering and End-of-Life Management Lab

Contact: Dr. Edwin Tam
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
519-253-3000, Ext. 2561