Facility Planning, Renovation & Construction

The Facility Planning, Design & Construction Department is located on the 6th Floor of Chrysler Hall Tower and may be reached at extension 2158.

This department provides services associated with renovations, alterations, and new capital work requiring planning, design, estimating, tendering and construction management.

The department coordinates and supervises all new construction, alterations and renovation work and equipment installations on campus.

Department Responsibilities

  • Provides strategic and detailed planning, technical advisory and capital management services to the University community.
  • Maintain construction standards and master records of buildings and utilities.
  • Prepares plans and specifications for construction, alterations and renovation projects.
  • Reviews plans for consulting Architects and Engineers on major construction projects.
  • Provides estimates to assist all university departments in their immediate and long-range planning and budgeting for alteration and renovation projects.
  • Designs and implements building management systems, energy management systems (DDC) and security systems (including card access).
  • Manages space on campus, including reviewing utilization of existing space and providing planning information for contemplated new space.
  • Guides the preparation of building programs for new facilities, and manages the preliminary programming process, compiling space and functional needs information from the user.
  • Procedural requirements for property acquisitions, including rezoning issues.

For service requests or project work to be completed, please visit our Service Requests page.