Graduate Student Research Scholarships

Application Instructions

Health Research Centre for the Study of Violence against Women Graduate Student Research Scholarships are funded by Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Collaboration Research Group Grants and the Canada Research Chair in Sexual Violence at the University of Windsor.

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Application Forms

Graduate Student Research Scholarship Application (.pdf)

Graduate Student Research Scholarship Application (.docx)

Scholarship Winners 2023-24

Storm Balint with project "Unveiling the Complex Path to Women’s Sexual Safety: Examining the Relationships Between Sexual Agency, Sexual Coercion, and Oppressive Structures"

Hio Tong Kuan with project "Women’s Perspectives on Sexual Empowerment in Neoliberal Times: A Q-Methodology Study"

Scholarship Winners 2022-2023

Jenna Parsons with project "Social Support, Community, and Culture in Resilience of Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence"

Scholarship Winners 2021-2022

Bridget Nicholls with project "An Expansion of The Carceral State? An Examination of Dedicated Animal Cruelty Prosecution Units"

Kathleen Wilson with project "The Creation and Validation of the Coercive Control Screening Scale"

Chloe Eidlitz with project "Patterns of Physical Intimate Partner Violence and Coercive Control During the COVID-19 Pandemic"