Dr. Wayne Marino

Professor Emeritus 

Recruitment Coordinator

E-mail: wmarino@uwindsor.caDr Wayne Marino
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 2438
Office: H.K.Building, Room 122

 Ergonomics/Biomechanics Lab

BA, BPE (McMaster University)
MPE (University of Windsor)
Ph.D. (Illinois)


Dr. Wayne Marino specializes in the area of Sport Biomechanics. Wayne has been a member of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports since 1983 and served on the ISBS board of directors for 16 years. In 2008 he was made a Fellow of ISBS and remains active in society business and publications. Wayne has published extensively in sport biomechanics conference proceedings and journals. Over the years, his main research interests have included applied biomechanics in sports such as hockey and baseball. He has also contributed to the literature in the area of gait analysis particularly of older adults. Dr. Marino has been a consultant for Baseball Canada, Louisville Hockey, and The Hockey Company. At the graduate level, Wayne Marino has advised 29 completed master's students, many of whom have subsequently gone on to doctoral studies and successful careers in research and teaching.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Sport Biomechanics
  • Mechanics of Skating and Hockey Skills
  • Assessment of Hockey Stick Performance and Safety

Key Scholarly Activities

Tot, M., T. Kapoor, Wm. Altenhof, G. W. Marino, and A. Howard. (2008) Implementation of Child Biomechanical Neck Behaviour into the Hybrid III Crash Test Dummy. Proceedings of SAE International Congress. Feb. 2008.

Marino, G. W. and J. Cort. (2004) Matching the Implement to the Player: Hockey Stick Research and Development. Proceedings of the XXII International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports. M. Lamontagne et. Al. (eds). University of Ottawa Press.

Goble, D. J., G. W. Marino and J. R. Potvin (2003). The influence of horizontal velocity on interlimb symmetry in normal walking. Human Movement Science. Vol. 22, issue 3.

Marino, G. W. and D. Drouin. (2002) Forward Skating Mechanics of Ice Hockey Players Under Fatigued Conditions. International Research in Sports Biomechanics. Y. Hong (ed.) Routledge Publishers, New York, NY.