Dr. Nancy McNevin

Dr. Nancy McNevin

Associate Professor

E-mail: nmcnevin@uwindsor.ca
Phone : (519) 253 - 3000 ext: 4276
Office: H.K. Building, Room 121

B.A. McMaster University
M.H.K. University of Windsor
Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Dr. McNevin joined the Faculty of Human Kinetics in 2007. Her previous appointments were in the Program of Physical Therapy at Wayne State University, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. She has taught a number of courses, including Research Design, Statistics, Motor Behaviour, Dynamics of Skill Acquisition, and Physiology of Sport Injury. Dr. McNevin’s research area examines the role of attentional focus instructions on motor skill acquisition, and postural and gait changes associated with various underlying pathologies. She has published in a variety of journals, including Physical Therapy, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Motor Behavior, and Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Areas of Research Interest

The effect of attentional focus on motor skill acquisition
Balance and gait disorders

Scholarly Activities:

Demers, M., McNevin, N., Azar, N. (in press). ADHD and motor control: A review of the motor control deficiencies associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and current treatment options, Critical Reviews in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Badrov, Mark, B; Bartol, Cassandra; DiBartolomeo, Matthew; Millar, Philip, J; McNevin, N; McGowan, Cheri, L. (2013). Isometric handgrip training dose on resting blood pressure and resistance vessel function in normotensive women, European Journal of Physiology, 113, 2091-2100

McNevin, N., Quinn, T., Weir, P.L. (2013). Effects of attentional focus and age on supra-postural task performance and postural control, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 84(1), 96-103. 30-35.

Smith, K., Carr, K., Wiseman, A., Calhoun, K., McNevin, N., Weir, P.L. (2012). Are barriers the reason Canadian seniors do not participate in physical activity?, Journal of Aging Research, 1-8,

Lachance, C., Kenno, K., Weir, P., Carr, K., McNevin, N., Horton, S. (2012).The effects of whole-body vibration exercise on muscular strength in seniors, Critical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 24(1-2), 35-50.

Carr, K.,Lachance, C., Horton, S., McNevin, N., Weir, P.L. (2012). Whole-body vibration training in older adults: Retention of the strengthening effects, Critical Reviews in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 24(1-2), 51-67.

Carr, K., Zachariah, N., Weir, P., McNevin, N. (2011). An examination of feedback use in rehabilitation settings, Critical Reviews in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 23(1), 1-14.

Fahlman, M.M., McNevin, N., Topp, R.,Boardley, D., Morgan, A., (2011) Effects of resistance training on functional ability in elderly, American Journal of Health Promotion

Current Graduate Students:

Ben Phalavong

Shawn Reaume

Chantal Andary (co-advised with Dr. Kenno)

Evan Gammon (co-advised with Dr. Horton)

Brendan Teeling (co-advised with Dr. Khan)