HK EDI Committee

Faculty of Human Kinetics

Equity Committee

Terms of Reference

Membership:           Dean (Ex-officio)

                                    2 representatives from Kinesiology

                                    2 representatives from Athletics and Recreation

1 staff member (alternate every 2 years between Kinesiology and Athletics and Recreation)

                                    1 graduate student

                                    1 undergraduate student


General Objective:

To facilitate a productive, educational environment for all faculty, students and staff in the Faculty of Human Kinetics, free from gender, age, ethnic, racial, status and physical bias.General Objective:

  1. To identify inequities based on sex, sexuality, race, ethnicity, physical and learning disabilities within the Faculty, and offer concrete methods for eliminating those inequities.
  1. To monitor the decision-making process in the Faculty concerning the presence of an informed perspective.
  1. To receive and examine concerns of students, faculty, and/or staff who feel that they may be experiencing discrimination, and make recommendations for change to the Dean, Athletics and Recreation Council, Kinesiology Council, the community and/or an appropriate external body, if necessary.
  1. To keep faculty, students, and staff informed on current information concerning equity issues in the University and community.


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