Associate Professor & Externship Director

Professor Gemma Smyth is Associate Professor and Externship Director at the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, on the territories of the Three Fires Confederacy.

Professor Smyth was Associate Dean (Academic) (2018-2020), Academic Clinic Director and Associate Professor (2009-2015), Interim Associate Dean (2016- 2017) and Externship Program Director (2017-2018). Professor Smyth was also Director of University of Windsor Mediation Services between 2003 and 2009. She has taught Clinic Seminar, Dispute Resolution, Access to Justice, Mediation Clinic, and Research Methods. Professor Smyth researches and writes in the areas of clinic law, dispute resolution, lawyering skills, and legal education. She is interested in the intersection of clients' and communities' experiences of law and lawyering and the skills, behaviours and attitudes that result in higher quality relationships. Professor Smyth is the co-author of the first text on clinical legal education in Canada, with Professors Sarah Buhler and Sarah Marsden. She also hosts an open-source Youtube channel with materials on law practice with a focus on clinical law skills. She is Past President of the Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education, a national collaborative working on issues related to clinical and experiential legal education in Canada. Professor Smyth's papers and other publications can be found on the University of Windsor's digital repository. For a full list of Windsor Law's clinical programs, visit