Paul D. Ocheje, Professor


Paul D. Ocheje joined the Faculty in July 2000. Prior to joining the Faculty, he taught at the University of Benin Law School, Nigeria. He was also State Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Kano State, Nigeria.

Dr. Ocheje’s research interests include public and private international law, international criminal law, human rights, law and development, global governance, consumer protection, and property law. He teaches or has taught the following courses: property law, access to justice, insurance law, and law and development.

Key Works

  • Neoliberal Economic Reforms and the Realization of Social and Economic Rights in Africa (forthcoming), African Yearbook of International Law (2008).
  • “In the Public Interest”: Forced Evictions, Land Rights, and Human Development in Africa, Journal of African Law, Vol.51(2), 173-214 (2007).
  • Refocusing International Law on the Quest for Accountability in Africa: The Case Against the “Other” Impunity, 15 Leiden Journal of International Law 749-779 (2002).
  • Law and Social Change: A Socio-Legal Analysis of Nigeria’s Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000, Journal of African Law, Vol.45(2), 173-195 (2001).

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