Mock Exam


A.    New registrants will be notified on-screen that they have completed the process and you will also receive an email confirmation.  An example is below.


Once a student clicks on Yes they will be taken to the exam download window and any exams that are available for download will be listed.


B.    Students will also get the following email:

Dear Windsor,

You have successfully completed SofTest registration. Please retain the following information:

Student #: ID(Actual)

Password: Password (Actual)

Institution: University of Windsor Faculty of Law

Registration Number: 5168218371063


If any of this information is incorrect, please visit

Mock Exam: You are strongly encouraged to download and take the Mock Exam. This will familiarize you with how to download, take and upload SofTest exams.

•        To download, launch SofTest using the icon, click 'Download Exam Files', enter your ID and Password, select the 'Mock Exam' and click 'Download'.

•        To take the Mock Exam, select the 'Take an Exam' button and select the 'Mock Exam' from the 'Exam File Location' drop-down list. Enter any alphanumeric characters as your Exam #, click the 'START' button and follow the instructions.