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Frequently Asked Questions

I am feeling anxious and stressed. Where can I go for help? 

It's normal to feel many different emotions during this period of significant uncertainty.  Check out our UWindsor Student Health Services website for numerous free in-person and online support links, through the University and in the community:


Do I have access to my instructors or other staff, to answer my questions and needs? 

You will always have access to your instructors and other staff via email, as usual. 


Where can I continue to get information on what is happening with COVID-19? 

You can find the University of Windsor's COVID-19 institutional response here.


Is this on-line program considered full-time?

The MSW-Working Professionals on-line program is considered a full-time program and is eligible for OSAP funding.

My offer letter states that I need to submit my final official transcripts. Where do I send my documents?

You must send your final official transcripts to:

Office of the Registrar – Graduate Division, 401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4

Or due to COVID-19


Do I need to submit official transcripts during the application process?

No, please do not send any official documents to the University of Windsor during the application process. You are only required to upload electronic copies of your transcripts to the eGAS application portal (in PDF format). If you are admitted into the program, you must submit final official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions listed on your application to:

Office of the Registrar – Graduate Division, 401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, ON, N9B 3P4

Or due to COVID-19

When uploading your transcripts to eGAS, they must include your full name, the name of the institution attended, and the program of study or else they cannot be used to assess your application. Documents that do not include all required information will delay the processing of your application.


What are the fees for the program?

Please refer to the University of Windsor’s online tuition estimator for the most current breakdown of fees: Please note this does not include the cost of course materials such as textbooks or software licenses.

Fees may change subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.

I’ve been out of school for a long time, and I don’t have an academic reference. What can I do?

You may use another supervisor, a former supervisor, or another helping professional. Please do not use colleagues, friends, clients or subordinates.


Can I have credits transferred from a previous degree?

No. Due to the highly prescribed course sequencing of this program, we do not grant credit for prior learning.


I have an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field, but 20 years of relevant work experience. Can I qualify for the Advanced track?

No, you must have completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree in order to qualify for the Advanced Standing program. Due to our accreditation standards, there are no exceptions to this requirement.


I have a three-year undergraduate degree. Am I eligible for admission?

No, applicants must hold a 4-year Honours degree or equivalent. If you possess a 3-year degree, you are not eligible for admission to the MSWwp Program.


What is the definition of a “Helping Professional” when it comes to my reference letters?

A helping professional could be someone from a number of different professions, including social work, medicine, nursing, another allied health provider, a teacher, a volunteer supervisor, someone you sit on a board with, etc. It can be anyone that works in the capacity of helping others but is not your direct supervisor, a friend, family member, or subordinate. Please refer to our posted guidelines for your referees, as this lists the points that we want your references to speak to. Choose your references based on who can speak to each point in the most detail.


I work until 4:00 pm every Friday. Is it ok if I come to on-line class late?

No, the MSWwp program is a professional Graduate program. Students are expected to participate in all classes in their entirety. Employment responsibilities are not reasons for lateness or absence. Before admission, students are required to submit a letter of support from their employer releasing them from employment responsibilities for purposes of attending class.

I’ve submitted my application and paid the $125 application fee. What is next?

Once your application and payment have been processed, you will receive an application acknowledgement email.  Note that it may take up to two business days to receive this email. 

In addition, to allow our electronic Graduate Application System (eGAS) to be updated with your information, please wait at least 24 hours after receiving the application acknowledgement email before attempting to activate your eGAS portal.


I haven’t received my eGAS login yet. What do I do?

First, ensure the email address you entered on your application is correct. If this has been verified, please send an email to, citing your full name (as indicated on your application) and 9-digit student number.


I can’t upload my documents to eGAS.

Be sure that you have waited at least 24 hours after you receive your confirmation email, as it sometimes takes that long for the system to be updated with your information.

If you have already accessed your eGAS portal, please check that you are uploading your forms in PDF format only. Note that you can only upload one document to each section- if your document is multiple pages, you need to merge them into one document, and then upload it as a single complete file.


My referee says they completed my reference, but it’s not showing up in eGAS. Why?

Sometimes errors or omissions occur when your referee completes the form, and when it is submitted the system does not accept it. Please remind your referees that they must ensure that pop-ups are enabled in their browser before completing the form; this will ensure that they will be able to see any errors that will prevent the form from being submitted. It is also recommended that they use either Chrome or Firefox browsers and that they do not try to complete the form on a mobile device. Once the submission is accepted, you will receive an email confirmation that this has been completed.


My referee just tried to complete their reference, but the link does not work. What do I do?

Please send an email to, including your full name and 9-digit student number, and indicate which reference requires a new link which will be sent via email.


Do I need to have all my references completed before I submit my application?

No. You can submit your application while still pending receipt of your references. Your application will then go into a holding pattern until all references are received; at that point, your application will move forward in the system for processing.


What do I do once I upload all my application documents?

Once you have uploaded all the required documents and are satisfied, click the “submit” button.


Once my application is complete, how long until I know if I am accepted?

Once our office receives your complete application package (including references), our typical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Please note these times are approximate and may change depending on the time of year. Additionally, incomplete applications and errors on forms will result in delays in processing your application.

Do I need to have the research and statistics courses completed before I apply?

You are not required to have your research methods and statistic courses completed in order to apply to the MSWwp program. If your application is successful and you are deemed admissible into the MSWwp program, you will receive a conditional offer of admission which will indicate you must complete the course(s) required with a passing grade of 60% or above before you can start the MSWwp graduate program.


Do I need to have a research methods course and a statistics course?

Yes, applicants are required to submit evidence of one undergraduate course in Research Methods AND one in Statistics.


How do I know if my research or statistics course is approved?

Please refer to our list of pre-approved courses. An “R” denotes an approved research methods course; “S” denotes an approved statistics course, and “C” indicates the course is approved as both.


What if my research or statistics course is not on the pre-approved list?

Please obtain the syllabus for the course that you completed and email it to We will have it assessed by our Academic Coordinator, and if approved we will add it to our list of pre-approved courses.


If I am accepted into the program, when do I need to have the Research and/or Statistics requirement completed?

Please refer to your conditional offer of admission which will indicate when you must complete the course(s) required with a passing grade of 60% or above before you can start the MSWwp on-line graduate program. 

How do I find out my admission status?

If your application shows that it is “In Progress” then it is currently being reviewed by the department you applied to OR it is in the Faculty of Graduate Studies for further review.

It is important to note that most application decisions are made at the departmental level then verified and, in some cases, overturned by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.


I’ve been admitted into the program. How do I accept my offer?

Congratulations! To respond to the offer of admission, please do the following:

  1. Login to your eGAS account and click on the Application Status tab. Click on "Offer Letter" to view the offer letter
  2. Click on the Offer Acceptance tab, click on Details and select an option from the drop-down menu (accept, decline, or defer)
  3. Click on Save
  4. You will have 21 days to accept the offer before it becomes invalid.

My offer letter states I need to make a deposit. How do I do this?

Please visit Once payment has been processed you can email cashiers for a receipt to ensure you have paid the deposit by sending an email to, citing your student number. Your deposit will go towards your first-term tuition. Deposits are non-refundable.


How do I go about arranging accommodations for my program?

Please contact Student Accessibility Services at This process must be completed prior to starting your program in order to have access to the services required.

If you are an instructor for the MSW for Working Professionals program and would like more information please contact:

Can I do my Field Placement outside Ontario?

No out-of-province field placement will be considered.


How long is my placement?

Each placement is 13 weeks, minimum of 450 hours in duration (Monday-Friday).  Please note that during placement you will also take an on-line Seminar course Friday evening from 7-9 pm.


Can I do my placement in my own workplace?

Some students can complete an Internal Rotation as their placement. Please speak with your Field Learning Specialist to determine if this is an option.


Do I have to find my own placement?

No. The University of Windsor has over 450 affiliation agreements with agencies across Ontario. Placement hosts will only deal with the University as the point of contact, so please allow your Field Learning Specialist to navigate the placement process on your behalf. Students should not contact placement sites. No out-of-province field placement will be considered.

Information for International Students:

Applicants applying to the MSWwp Program will require proof of Canadian Citizenship or permanent residency as defined by the Immigration Act (Canada), or of eligibility for employment in Canada. 

Information for MSWwp Alumni:

As a first step towards setting up a communication channel between you, our respected alumni, and the School of Social Work, we request you to update your contact information through the Alumni Information Update Form.

Update your alumni information online here

Please note MSWwp Students are ineligible to receive a GA position as this is a professional weekend program and students are working professionals.