Blackboard Collaborate recordings are transitioning to YuJa Video System

COVID-19 measures placed an extraordinary strain on digital resources, and the Bb Collaborate virtual classroom recordings were no exception.  Therefore, as it was too expensive to maintain them in the Blackboard Collaborate environment, all Collaborate recordings from 2018 until December 31, 2021, were migrated to our YuJa Video Enterprise system in April 2022, where there is ample space to maintain them. Instructors can still access the recordings through Blackboard or single sign-on to YuJa at HTTP:// YuJa is available to all campus users who have an active UWinID account.   

Another complete migration of the recordings for 2022, will occur late in 2022.  Instructors will need to initiate their account in YuJa through Blackboard to access the recordings directly. 

Action Steps to initiate account

You will need to initiate and synchronize your account from Blackboard to YuJa account by completing one of the following:

(Short video on how to complete Option A or Option B):

  • Option A
    • Clicking the “YuJa” tool link in the Bb Café Blackboard Organization site on the left menu
  • Option B
    • Initiating YuJa in one of your Blackboard sites on the course menu
      • Add Tool Link from course menu “+
      • Tool Link -> Name = “YuJa” and select YuJa Media from the Type drop-down list
      • Click Submit 
      • Click the new YuJa tool link to activate and synchronize your account through the LTI Launch button
  • Option C

Once your YuJa account gets initiated, you should receive an email welcoming you to the system. 

If you don’t reply or act on this request, your recordings will be moved into an admin folder in YuJa and will be accessible and available upon request.

More details on dates for the final migration will become available in the near future.

You can learn more about using YuJa with Blackboard on the Office of Open Learning webpage.  


Unfortunately, no, but you can easily initiate captioning for those recordings that will be reused by following the directions in this article on auto-captioning.

No. There currently is no way to transfer the chat files from Blackboard to synchronize with YuJa's recordings. However, the chat files are being extracted and would be available separately upon request by submitting a TeamDynamix ticket at and indicating the full course number, semester and actual date(s) of the recording.

Individual instructors associated with a course and virtual classroom recordings from Blackboard Collaborate will be migrated into their own folder. If the instructor has initiated their account and synchronized through Blackboard, the folder will appear in their individual YuJa Media space. Courses or Organizations with multiple instructors, however, will not. They will be combined into a folder for the course that will be available upon request through a TeamDynamix ticket at and indicate you were an instructor on the course (please identify the course name, ID, and semester) and you wish to have copies of the recordings (indicate specific dates) and they will be copied or shared with you depending on your preference.

YuJa offers an easier interface to work with and bulk deletions of recordings are much simpler by using multiple select, then delete so you can clean up your collection much quicker than using the Collaborate interface. You can also utilize YuJa's Bulk Multimedia management options such as bulk move, share, tag, download to help manage your collection of media. 

No.  The first batch of recordings up until December 31, 2021, will be in a folder in your "My Media" collection in YuJa. The folder may have your user id as the title or may contain the course name or Collaborate in the title. The second folder with recordings from January 1, 2022, until the end of the year will be in another folder with a similar structure and name but will have another identifying element like "-2" in the folder title. More details will become available closer to the migration date. You can access the recordings from HTTP:// and when hovering over the video, click the More button to access the deeper menu options. The chain link icon will reveal the sharable link to the recording. To edit the recording, you can hover over the video and click the "Edit" menu option.

Once you have initiated your account from Blackboard to YuJa, embedding YuJa material into your course site is quick and easy. YuJa is integrated into Blackboard and is available to choose media from within a Content Area or from anywhere you see a text editor.  This short video shows you how to embed YuJa Media into Blackboard (opens new window). YuJa can also create channels when you initiate YuJa in your course site where you can publish (and your students, if you request and enable them to publish) into the channel that you can embed a playlist into your course site.  This short video shows how to use the YuJa channels in Blackboard.