About Us

 The Office of Open Learning champions excellence in open and online learning and teaching at the University of Windsor.

The Office and its team are committed to improving the student learning experience by raising the status of online teaching, enhancing open professional teaching practice, and facilitating open networks and communities of practice, including the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Our office comprises of learning specialists, administration, and media specialists, who are available to UWindsor faculty to enhance their teaching and learning.

Our offices are located in the Centre for Engineering Innovation, south entrance off California Ave. (Former WEEDC offices.)

Along with our colleagues in the Centre for Teaching and Learning and Quality Assurance, all offices are located on the second floor. 

Open Learning offices at Centre for Engineering Innovation












We believe in evidence-based practice and the importance of using reliable data in decision-making processes. We provide advocacy for the development of infrastructure and conditions to enable our world-class educators to achieve the best possible outcomes for their students. We aim to assist the University community in identifying and removing barriers to successful mainstreaming of online, blended, and open learning. We also advocate for educational approaches that provide opportunities for all qualified students to access high quality education, and not just those who are able to enter full-time, on-campus enrollment.

Together we are committed towards enhancing the University‚Äôs capacity in development and delivery of online, open, and blended learning opportunities to our 15,000+ students. Learn more about our team by clicking here, then come visit us in person!