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Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) Task Force



The University’s Student Evaluation of Teaching questionnaire was last reviewed and revised in 2004. In light of the many changes in teaching practice and priorities, evolving models of practice in gathering and using student feedback, and the increasing importance placed on multi-faceted and multi-source data in documenting and evaluating teaching practice, the SET task force was created to examine current practice at the University of Windsor, look at best practices for SET at other universities, review the literature on SETs, and make recommendations for changing the current survey and process.

Broadly, the task force will:

  • Review the existing Student Evaluation of Teaching questionnaire and its implementation with a goal of identifying areas for improvement based on research into best practices;
  • Propose changes where they require institutional approvals;
  • Develop, test, and implement changes where viable under current bylaw and policy;
  • Consider possible changes to policy;
  • Provide advisory support for a well-documented and systematically evaluated pilot project; and
  • Implement a flexible, extensible online system comparable to those in use at an increasing number of institutions across the country, based on practices most likely to foster high student participation rates.

The Task Force is advisory to the Provost and Vice-President Academic. Changes to the SET will be undertaken in conformity with the relevant governing policy, bylaw, or labour agreements. It is anticipated that the working group will report back within 12-18 months. The Office of the Provost will provide support as needed for consultation and institutional coordination of activities.