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June 2020

We have two more interns headed out at the end of the summer. Lynette Kivisto will be on the child neuropsychology track at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Jeff McCarthy will be on the neuropsychology track at Halifax Clinical Psychology Internship program. 


September 2019

Another year, another cohort of new students who we are delighted to welcome to our program!:

Maame Brantuo
Brianna Fougere
Susan Lutfallah
Kat Matchett
Alana Sabelli

July 2019

A big welcome to our two new faculty members - Dr. Renee Biss and Dr. Kris Romero. We are delighted to have new ideas and new energy in our program. As they settle into the new working life at the University of Windsor, we'll get their profiles posted on the Faculty page. In the mean time, we're happy to have two more faculty members who specialize in older adults and aging. 

September 2018

Welcome to our next entering cohort:
Isabella Messa-Hamidi
Brette Lansue
Kassandra Korcsog

April 2018

Our new on-campus clinic is now accepting referrals. The Clinical Neuropsychology Service at the Psychological Services and Research Centre will be seeing its first clients very soon. We're excited about a new training opportunity for our graduate students that will provide a needed resource in our community.

February 2018

100% of our CN students who entered the APPIC process matched to sites. At the end of the summer, our students are headed out to the following places:
Kelly An - London Clinical Psychology Consortium (adult neuropsychology)
Molly Cairncross - Edmonton Consortium (neuropsychology)
Eva Keatley - University of Washington-Psychiatry (Behavioral Medicine/Neuropsychology)
Simritpal Malhi - London Clinical Psychology Consortium (adult neuropsychology)
Amanda O'Brien - Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Lexi Stathis - Kingston Internship Consortium
Daniela Wong Gonzalez - Baycrest (neuropsychology)

January 2018

If you are attending the International Neuropsychological Society meeting next month, keep an eye out for our faculty and students who will be presenting a total of 24 posters and three papers at the meeting.

December 2017

We are excited to announce that we have received funding to support our new on-campus Clinical Neuropsychology Service (neuropsychology clinic), which will open in April 2018. Stay tuned for details.

September 2017

Welcome to our newest graduate cohort:
Julia Borsatto
Rebecca Grossman
Rebecca Nurgitz

They are the first cohort in our overhauled training program.

March 2017

Clinical Neuropsychology students have matched and are headed out on internship at the end of the summer. Here's the list:
Brianne Brooker - Children's Hospital of Michigan - Clinical Psychology
Dragana Ostojic - Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)
Jaspreet Rai - Edmonton Consortium - Clinical Psychology Residency (Neuropsychology Stream) 
Marta Kadziolka - Horizon Healthcare in New Brunswick
Mich Monette - Hamilton Health Sciences Adult Neuropsychology

September 2016

Welcome to our new graduate students:
Alicia Bartlett
Jessica Hurtubise
Jann MacIsaac
Tara McAuley
Nawal Mustafa
Robin Richardson
Brandon Zuccato

March 2016

We have APPIC matches to report! Our two neuropsychology students who will be leaving for internship this summer are Sabrina Freund (Pediatric Neuropsychology Track at the London Clinical Psychology Consortium) and Annie Jackson (Adult Neuropsychology focused generalist internship at Dartmouth Psychology Internship Program). 

September 2015

We are excited to welcome our incoming graduate students:
Taylor Gooding
Bryanna Graves
Lynette Kivisto
Sanya Sagar
Antonette Scavone

March 2015

This is a banner year in our program: all 14 eligible clinical program students matched in the first round of APPIC for their internships. Our three neuropsychology students and their sites are:
Jenny Carsten - Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa)
Ashley Danguecan - Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)
Tom Duda - Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas)

July 2014

The clinical neuropsychology area is excited to announce the arrival of our new faculty member: Dr. Laszlo Erdodi. 

March 2014

Congratulations to graduate students Ciaran Constandine and Elmar Gardizi on their APPIC internship matches! Elmar will be at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton and Ciaran will be in the Neuropsychology Department at the Veterans Administration in Detroit.

May 2013

Welcome to our new graduate students entering in September 2013:
Molly Cairncross
Daniela Gonzalez
Eva Keatley
Simritpal Malhi

March 2013

Congratulations to our doctoral internship applicants. All seven applicants matched in the first phase of APPIC. They will be departing for Canadian and American sites that include the Edmonton Consortium and the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

January 2013

Faculty member Dr. Joseph Casey will receive the 2013 Canadian Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to Public or Community Service. He was nominated by program alumna Dr. Corinne Hale.

May 2012

Welcome to our new graduate students entering in September 2012:
Kelly An
Brianne Elzinga
Jaspreet Rai

February 2012

Dr. Byron Rourke's legacy as a child neuropsychologist and the founder of our program was celebrated in a symposium at the International Neuropsychological Society Meeting in Montreal. Dr. Kenneth Adams led the discussion with Dr. H. Gerry Taylor, Dr. Jacobus Donders, Dr. Sean Rourke, and Dr. Harry van der Vlugt.

April 2011

Congratulations to our students departing for internship:
Reagan Gale will be starting her internship at Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre (Halifax).
Gillian Macdonald will be starting her internship at Ottawa Hospital.
Shelley Ylioja will be starting her internship with the Edmonton Consortium.

Welcome to our new graduate students entering in September 2011
Andrea Jackson
Marta Kadiolka
Dragana Ostojic
Alexandria Stathis
Andrew White