Students Experiencing Difficulty

A student experiencing difficulty is one who encounters major obstacles to the successful completion of their academic program. While it is typical for students to experience university as a time of significant stress and change, it can become so severe that it poses a threat to academic progress.

Faculty and staff are often in a position to identify students experiencing difficulty and can provide the early intervention that is critical in preventing students from leaving school or demonstrating behaviour that may escalate.

Some Signs that a Student may be at Risk

While the following indicators are important when evaluating a student’s need for assistance, it is important to consider everything known about the student in order to avoid over-interpretation of what may be an isolated incident.

  • Marked Changes in Mood or Behaviour
  • Difficulties Communicating and/or Distortions of Reality
  • Significant Changes in Personal or Cultural Relationships and Identity
  • Health Concerns
  • Academic Difficulties
  • Learning Skills Issues
  • Stated Need for Help
  • Experience of Violence

For more detailed information we invite you to download: Identifying and Referring Students in Distress: An Information Booklet for Faculty and Staff (PDF format). Information is also available on the Keep Me Safe Program for international students.  

Resources for On Campus Consultation

UWindsor's Mental Health Strategy is also available online.