Bank on Co-op


"I’m part of a team at RBC that works on our investing website.  The role offers a large variety of problems to solve in both difficulty and required technologies.  One day I may be working in the front end fixing a synchronization problem in AngularJS or even just adjusting CSS font sizes and the next day I could be diving into SQL in the backend to find out why certain values aren’t being retrieved from the database properly.  I’ve definitely gotten a feel for how the “real world” functions, but on a more practical level, I’ve learned a lot of technologies that are used in actual work places that I haven’t been exposed to at school. 

I’m being exposed to all areas of my degree program and am making great connections.  RBC is dedicated to giving their co-op students an amazing and productive experience that extends beyond the duration of the work term.  They set up events and meetings specifically for the students to network, get to know other parts of the organization and make long lasting connections which has really enhanced my experience at RBC.

The most important preparation for my future that my co-op experiences have given me are helping me to identify what my likes and dislikes are related to my career path.  That’s the greatest thing about “test driving” jobs in this way-if I love the experience then it’s a potential future opportunity to explore and if not, then it’s been a valuable experience to put on my resume and share with future employers. 

When it comes time to secure a co-op job make sure to apply with a good professional resume, cover letter and come prepared to the interview.  Keep in mind that I have found that companies I was interviewing with were more interested in my ambition, curiosity and hunger to learn than any proficient skills I may have slapped on my resume.  Showing interest and eagerness is definitely helpful in any job pursuit.  As for the job itself, simply take it as an irreplaceable experience and ask lots of questions, it is a learning experience after all."

Will Klassen
Computer Science Co-op