Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation


The Twelfth Conference of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation


University of Windsor –  June 3 - 6, 2020

Call for proposals:

Abstracts (title + 150 - 200 words), free from author-identifying marks, should be sent to <ossa@uwindsor.ca> with “OSSA proposal” in the subject line by Friday, September 6, 2019.  Preference will be given to proposals that connect with the conference theme.

The programme will have room for 90 papers.
Notification of acceptance will be sent in November 2019. 

The Conference will be followed by a Summer Institute on Argumentation.

For information write to <crrar@uwindsor.ca>.

Organizing Committee:

Hans V. Hansen & Christopher W. Tindale

The range of argumentation studies continues to expand, embracing cognate fields of research and identifying new (or old) issues of import to which its findings can contribute insight. The conference theme aims to accommodate that range by focusing on the relations between three subjects that have come to the fore in recent literature.

Debate continues around the question of what counts as evidence in different contexts, that is, what sources are drawn upon to provide support for arguments. Different perspectives (rhetorical, dialectical, and so forth), and different epistemologies reflecting different approaches to knowing (like those from Indigenous communities) understand evidence in ways that are sometimes quite distinct, even lying on the margins of incompatibility. These kinds of differences often come to light in the ways people use argumentation, which can again be seen in how what is understood as “persuasion” is put into operation.

Reflecting on these three central issues—evidence, diversity, and persuasion—promises to open up important conversations and contribute to the continued expansion of our field.

Keynote Speakers:

Derek Allen

Derek Allen

Philosophy, Trinity College
University of Toronto


Jean Goodwin

Jean Goodwin

Communication Studies
North Carolina State University


Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Logic and Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences
Free University of Amsterdam


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