Certificate in Arts Management

Certificate in Arts Management

The Certificate in Arts Management is designed to give students an introduction to the management of arts organizations while providing these groups the opportunity to begin the training of their next generation of executives.

Courses have been chosen to address the required skills of financial management, marketing and publicity, fund-raising, board and volunteer management, management and supervision, computer applications and disciplinary structures. It also includes two internships with arts organizations.

As an Arts Management student, you may focus studies on music, theatre, visual arts, or you can choose a general approach by taking courses in all three areas.

Students may be granted advanced standing for all of the courses from this certificate programme towards the fulfilment of graduation requirements for a degree (i.e. all courses completed in the certificate program may count towards a B.A. degree) and all of the courses from a degree programme may be counted towards the requirements of this certificate programme. The Certificate may be completed alongside a degree or on its own. 

This programme is intended primarily for students who wish to receive recognition for studies in arts management, but who do not necessarily intend to complete a degree programme. This programme does not have a completion time expectation. The courses which comprise this certificate programme may not necessarily be available on an annual basis.


Certificate in Arts Management Students complete two internships at arts organizations. Internships are unpaid, and can be completed anywhere and in any semester.

We have placed our Arts Management students in internships within various professional arts organizations. The following is a list of some of these organizations:

Career Opportunities

Arts Management graduates pursue careers in art galleries, theatres, and orchestras in areas of marketing, fundraising, publicity, media relations, production, and box office management. Our graduates work as marketing coordinators, box office managers, group sales, publicity, and operations coordinators.

Required Courses

While every attempt is made to keep this up to date, please keep in mind that the official list of required courses can be found in the Undergraduate Course Calendar.

4 Required Core Courses

DRAM-2750 Principles and Practices of Arts Management I
DRAM-2760 Principles and Practices of Arts Management II
plus two of the following:
DRAM-3980 Internship in Arts Management I*
DRAM-3990 Internship in Arts Management II*
VSAR-3800 Visual Arts Internship (open to visual arts majors only)

*an application must be submitted to the coordinator at least three months prior to your anticipated start date.

3 Required Business Courses

75-1000 Introduction to Business
70-1510 Financial Accounting I
74-1310 Principles of Marketing

Electives: 1 of the Following courses

DRAM-2100 Speech Communication to Inform
ENGL-1000 Composition
ENGL-3020 Writing About the Arts
40-2250 Media Literacy
40-2500 Basic Processes in Media Writing
40-3810 Advertising in Social Context

Options: any 2 of the following Dramatic Art, Music or Visual Arts courses

Dramatic Art Options
DRAM-1000 Nature of Theatre I
DRAM-1110 Theatre in Contemporary Culture
DRAM-2000 Nature of the Theatre II
DRAM-2250 Introductory Acting I
DRAM-2350 Introductory Acting II
DRAM-3250 Introductory Acting III
DRAM-3300 Theatre from the 20th Century to the Present Day
DRAM-3330 Canadian Theatre History
DRAM-3510 Production Problems I - Directed Study
DRAM-3520 Production Problems II - Directed Study
DRAM-4390 Directed Studies in History, Theatre or Theatre Administration

Music Options
32-106 The Musical Experience
32-107 Explorations in Music
32-116 Themes in Popular Music
32-126 Music History and Literature I
32-127 Music History and Literature II
32-346 Music Cultures of the World
32-420 Psychology of Music
Ensembles: half course each, limit of two; admission by audition
33-210 University Singers
33-220 University Wind Ensemble
33-260 Community Orchestra
33-310 Chamber Choir
Private Instruction: limit of one, admission by audition
33-247 - 33-269

Visual Arts Options
27-385 Green Corridor*
27-491 Critical Issues*
28-245 Modern Art
28-345 Art of the 20th Century - Post-1940
* indicates course is open to visual arts majors only

For More Information:

Kristen Siapas, School of Dramatic Art
(519) 253 - 3000 ext. 2818

If you are not already a UWindsor student, you can find out more about admissions, tuition fees and our campus at /futurestudents.