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FAHSS Students are Windsor Proud!

Students talk about their experiences at the University of Windsor, and why they are studying the arts, humanities and social sciences!

Jane McArthur
PhD Candidate in Sociology
BA, Communication Studies and MA Communication Studies, both from University of Windsor.
The University of Windsor is grounded in its community.  Humanities and social sciences are critical fields of study, especially in the world we are living in today.  Recommendation to first year students, “Explore the options, don’t limit yourself.”

Mona Maki
2nd year Visual Arts & Built Environment  (VABE) student
I chose to come to the University of Windsor because it has a program that is different from every other school. It offered me a healthy balance between the sciences and the arts. VABE students study arts based classes in the morning and architecture based classes in the afternoon.
Hands on learning:  I’ve worked on-site with a construction worker and engineering firm and I will hopefully go on to do a co-op.
When I graduate I will have many options because architecture is such a big field.
My advice for high school students – dig deeper into programs you might be unfamiliar with or unsure about because it might be something you are really interested in.

Lily Zitko
Lily Zitko is a 2nd year History and Modern Languages (German) double major student in FAHSS. She's also an Outstanding Scholar and on the Dean's Honour Roll. Lily loves the opportunities she has to get involved with real research projects and have her articles published in journals as an undergrad.


Matthew Lepain
4th year Bachelor of Music  student
I chose music at UWindsor because of the diverse opportunities we have here. All sides of the repertoire: classical, jazz, contemporary; and working with music technology. At the School of Creative Arts (SoCA) we are in a unique space where we get to see art and architecture going on all around us.
We have many opportunities to go out into the community and perform in professional environments. We also have opportunities to perform experimental and electro acoustic music with the Noiseborder Ensemble Performance Lab.
Highlight of my experience as a student was having the opportunity to perform a trumpet concerto with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra as a concerto competition winner. 

Rima Asfour
3rd year Political Science major, double minor in Sociology and English
In political science we learn about the world and how it works. I wanted a mix of different studies. It was a way for me to express who I am.  I also love to write poetry. It gives me different ways of expressing who I am.
Rima Asfour won the 2019 Why Humanities Contest with her impassioned poem about her feelings after the horrendous terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Rima says taking English’s Editing & Publishing Praticum where she edited a manuscript, which was then published as a book was a high point in her university experience so far. Her advice to students entering university, don’t stress out about your major.

Sofia Ahmed
3rd year undergrad student in Women’s and Gender Studies and Social Work
As a social worker I will work in the community with vulnerable populations – women, children and people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Taking courses in Women’s and Gender Studies has taught me to have empathy.  I chose humanities and social sciences because it broadens your view of the world.
Significant course: Walls to Bridges. You actually go into prisons and learn with inmates. That was an amazing experience. I now view women in a vulnerable population in a very different way.
I want to be a social worker. I am an immigrant to Canada and I feel and have experienced many of the struggles immigrants go through. I want to be able to help them in a practical way. 

Crystal Bryan
Crystal is a 4th year Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Liberal Arts and Professional Studies: Aeronautics Leadership student. Crystal is also the past-coordinator of the annual African Diaspora Youth Conference!

Kuchak Shabazi
4th year Communication, Media & Film (CMF) student Kuchak was in the business program in first year and took a course in communications as an elective. “I fell in love with communications as a whole and switched my major.” A lot of what I’ve done as a CMF student is to learn how to write well and speak well in public, and I’ve learned to network. These are skills I will use in a marketing career.

Emily Roe

Emily is a 3rd year Visual Arts major at UWindsor's School of Creative Arts. Emily talks about what makes the arts at UWindsor great.

Anna Karch
4th year English, French and Creative Writing student
Anna attended a science and math focused high school, but she always loved writing. She chose to follow her passion when she came to university.

Sarah Yalda
4th year Criminology and Sociology undergrad student

Social sciences make up every aspect of our lives. After graduation I will do a graduate degree in Sociology, and after that Law School. My undergrad classes have helped prepare me by doing a lot of research for courses and projects that help to develop my skills.
Hands on Experience: I had a volunteer position at Victim Services through my classes in criminology. I was also able to get a student placement at the Windsor Residence for Young Men. 
Advice for high school students: get involved and volunteer in the community. That will help you a lot in university.

Samantha Levang
4th year Psychology undergrad student
Samantha became interested in psychology in high school. From practicum courses where you get hands on experience to getting involved in research projects as an undergrad, Samantha enjoys all the opportunities Psychology at UWindsor offers and that she can apply what she learns every day.

Katrina Bahnam
2nd year Law and Political Science undergrad student
Katrina is completing her second year in the Law and Political Science program. She wants to learn how the world works and that's exactly what she's learning at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.


About the student filmmaker of these interviews.

Naomi Belay graduates in May with a double major in Digital Journalism and Communication, Media and FilmNaomi Belay

Naomi Belay is graduating from the University of Windsor this month. She double majored in Digital Journalism and Communication, Media and Film. These programs provided Naomi with opportunities to do an internship at the Windsor Star, producing newscasts, directing documentaries and this past winter working as a digital media assistant for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
Naomi is a Torontonian, born and raised. However, she chose to pursue her post-secondary education at the University of Windsor because “I really enjoyed how my program gives students the opportunity to develop the conceptual and critical skills necessary to interpret our media saturated world through a combination of social sciences, theory-based format with digital media production.”
 Naomi’s hobbies include reading, social media, rock climbing and photography. Some of her goals for this summer include getting her google analytics and Facebooks ads certification. This fall Naomi hopes to begin her bachelor of education studies at UWindsor.


Updated: May 6, 2019.