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May 2022



Thursday, May 12, 4:00pm on Zoom

U of T Psychologist, Dr. Geoff MacDonaldGeoff MacDonald, Ph.D, Professor at the University of Toronto.

On the topic of Singlehood and Well-Being

The proportion of singles (individuals living outside of committed romantic relationships) is growing worldwide. To the extent that singles have received research attention, it has largely been in the context of between-group studies that show a well being advantage for people in romantic relationships. Our lab has taken a within-group perspective to examine what kinds of singles are more or less happy. In this talk, I will present studies that examine the association of well-being for singles with friendships, family relationships, sexual satisfaction, attachment security, age, and desire for a romantic partner. I will also present research that attempts to examine how singles prioritize various life domains in building a happy single life. Overall, I conclude that a portrait of single people who are high in well-being is incomplete but beginning to emerge.

Dr. Geoff MacDonald is a Professor at the University of Toronto. Dr. MacDonald graduated from the University of Waterloo, completed a post-doc at Wake Forest University, and held a Senior Lectureship at the University of Queensland before returning to Canada. His research has focused on singlehood, adult attachment, and intimacy.

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