An image taken at a Noiseborder Ensemble multi-media performance

FAHSS Research

Research and creative activity in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences spans numerous and diverse disciplines. Our faculty supports more than 150 professors recognized nationally and internationally for their scholarly work.
FAHSS research has a profound impact on our local community and society, building the knowledge needed to understand our world and transform lives for the better.
In addition to the work of individual researchers, FAHSS supports and promotes inter-disciplinary and collaborative projects within the University of Windsor and with institutions throughout the world. Much of this work is supported with federal and provincial research funding as well as support from foundations and partnerships with businesses and non-profit groups.
Groups focused on specific research interests include:

Animal and Interpersonal Abuse Research Group


Inspired Acting Lab

INTERMINUS  Bringing together researchers and artists committed to exploring the boundaries between media, arts, science, technologies and the built environment. While Interminus is currently in transition, here are links to recent research projects:
           Bouyant Cartographies
           Frontier Files
           Sensing Borders 

Multicultural Clinical and Counselling Research Group - MCCRG

Noiseborder Multimedia Performance Lab (NMPL)

The Propeller Project

Sport-Related Concussion Centre (SRCC)

Trustworthiness Research Alliance




Dr. Tanya Basok
Associate Dean, 
Research and Graduate Studies, (Acting)
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Ms. Judy Janzen
Secretary, Office of the Associate Deans
For student matters please call:
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Updated: Sept. 7, 2022