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Various Food Items

UWin Bookstore & Food Plan (for non-residence students)

Purchase the ultimate in convenience with the UWin Bookstore & Food Plan for only $695.00. The UWin Plan gives you $500 for purchases at the Campus Bookstore and $195 for use at any food location on campus, including our franchise partners.

When you purchase the UWin Bookstore & Food Plan, you will be rewarded with a 10% BONUS ($50.00), added to your Bookstore Plan. If you run out of UWin Bookstore Dollars, you can add money in increments of $100; you will continue to be rewarded with a 10% BONUS added to your Bookstore Plan.

Your UWin Bookstore & Food Plan does not expire while you are a student at the university; any money not spent by end of the year will automatically carry over to the next school year.

In addition to the convenience and savings you get with the UWin Bookstore & Food Plan, you will be eligible for "Plan Member" special offers and sales throughout the year, with discounts on clothing and general merchandise at the Campus Bookstore.

Where to Purchase: Visit the UwinCARD Office to pay for and activate your UWin Bookstore & Food Plan (Lower Level, CAW Student Centre)

How to Pay: Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard or Amex

About Food Services

Food Services is a division of Campus Services, at the University of Windsor.  Food Services offers customer-oriented eateries featuring countless and diverse menu choices.  We have created an environment that offers customers quality, value and convenience.

We are always working to bring you exciting and nutritious choices that fit in with your lifestyle.  Your options include popular franchises, national brands, comfort foods, gourmet coffee, smoothies, sushi and much more. 

We are committed to providing an outstanding, integrated food experience for the campus community that emphasizes culinary excellence, sustainable food practices and customer satisfaction.