FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ordering and Menu Options

Q: How do we order catering for our on-campus events?

A: You can still order by getting in touch with the amazing Catering Services Office Staff Directory | Catering Services (uwindsor.ca)

Q: Will the catering menu change?

A: At this time the catering menu remains the same as listed, but there may be updates coming to the website shortly, so stay tuned! 

Q: Can we order off-campus food for our events?

A: Campus groups are asked to work with the Catering Services Office for all their on campus events, meetings and gatherings where food will be served.


Billing and Payment

Q: Why are we now seeing HST on our internal catering invoices?

A: Since Sodexo is a third party company, in accordance with CRA rules, HST must be charged on all catering invoices.

Q: How will we be invoiced and pay an invoice from Sodexo for our on-campus catering event?

A: You can now use your University of Windsor Purchasing Card to process any payment under $2,500, in accordance with our Finance Procurement Policy.

If your invoice is over $2,500 or if you do not have a University of Windsor Purchasing Card, Catering will process your invoice using your internal charge account, through direct billing.

Here’s how it works:

You will receive an invoice from Sodexo via email for your review and approval. If you agree with the charges as presented on the invoice, no further action is necessary on your part. Catering will process payment (through your internal charge account) for the invoice within thirty (30) days of the invoice date.

However, if you have any questions or disputes regarding the charges outlined on your invoice, you have thirty (30) days from the invoice date to contact Sodexo for corrections. Please be aware that if no response or inquiry is sent to Sodexo within this timeframe, payment will be processed for the full amount as indicated on your original invoice.

If you intend to use the direct billing method for your order, please inform the Catering team when booking your event and provide them with the internal charge account for billing purposes.

Q: When is this new billing process effective?

A: As of October 16, 2023, this new billing process will be effective.

Q: Will I have to provide my PCARD number each time I pay an invoice?

A: Yes, the University and Sodexo are committed to following PCI (credit card) processing standards and are not able to hold credit card numbers on file. However, Sodexo can take down your internal charge account and keep it on file for future Catering events.

Q: How do I give Catering my credit card number?

A: You are able to call the Catering office at extension 3276 or 3277 to provide your credit card number over the telephone, or you can personally attend at their offices in Vanier Hall, Room 12. Please do NOT email your credit card number.

Q: Is there an online payment option?

A: At this time there is not, but we are investigating options to enable this functionality in the future.