Computer chip and CAW Student Centre montage - IT Service Desk is ext. 4440

ITS Hotnews

  • On Thursday, 13-Dec-2018 between 6:00 - 8:00 a.m. there will be multiple network outages of less than 5 minutes to recable and test the power distribution in south wing of Odette (former Bookstore area).
  • As part of the launch of the new UWinsite Student System on November 26th, the legacy SIS system will move into Read Only Mode. This will result in many functions becoming unavailable until launched in UWinSite Student. Examples include: room/lab time changes or adjustments, addition of course sections for winter and advisors’ comments.
  • New phishing emails have been going arround indicating that password will be expiring. Please note that the emails that IT Services send out about changing passwords do not include any links. 
  • There have been more reports of phishing emails being sent to University accounts. This is a reminder to always be careful with unusual emails. Hackers have ways of making emails appear to be from a friend or coworker when they are actually from across the world.