Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs
The Department of Kinesiology, in the Faculty of Human Kinetics, offers a Master of Human Kinetics (M.H.K.) degree, as well as a Ph.D. program in Kinesiology.
The M.H.K. program offers concentration in either Applied Human Performance (sport and exercise psychology, biomechanics and ergonomics, exercise physiology, motor learning and control, lifespan development) or Sport Management (leadership, organizational behaviour, community development, sport finance and economics, sport and the law, sport sociology, sport history, sport marketing).
The program is uniquely structured to offer both a research thesis stream, and an internship stream. The internship stream provides students with hands-on work experience to complement their coursework.
Our program is well established with 21 graduate faculty members supervising 80 M.H.K. students. There are several well funded laboratories and research groups supporting student research.
The foundation of our Ph.D. program in Kinesiology is a community-based focus recognized as ensuring the wellbeing of both individuals and the collective at the local, national, and international levels.
Graduates will be prepared to provide the resources necessary to sustain the community and will be able to supply current, novel ideas, and knowledge. This community-based focus in a Kinesiology program is not represented in any other existing program in Canada. Students will be required to complete four courses, one of which is a community-based internship. The internship will encourage the integration of our students into ongoing community initiatives, enhance responsibility for meeting the needs of others while improving overall well-being of Canadians, and encourage students to utilize previously acquired skills, while gaining new skills, appropriate to their internship setting.
The targeted steady-state student enrolment for the PhD Program in Kinesiology is sixteen doctoral students.
Dr. Nadia Azar - Graduate Coordinator
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