Welcome to LAPS

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies combines the knowledge and skills long-associated with university education with preparation for today’s labour market.

Graduates of the program will be informed citizens and knowledgeable professionals equipped to participate fully in the complex personal, public, and workplace issues of the 21st century.

Liberal arts and professional education combine theory with application. Together, they are stepping stones to a career in a wide range of social service, business, or government organizations. Graduates know how to analyze personal or work-related issues, evaluate alternative courses of action, and implement effective solutions.

Students select courses from a wide range of liberal arts subject-areas.

  • Social sciences such as psychology, history, sociology, economics, or women’s and gender studies
  • Arts and humanities such as English, philosophy, or modern languages
  • Natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, or environmental science

Students also select one of four professional certificates: