Academic Calendars

The Academic Calendars are a comprehensive guide to all undergraduate and graduate programs and courses available at the University of Windsor. It outlines academic regulations and standards, program degree requirements, and general University policies for all undergraduate and gradute programs (with the exception of Law). The online calendars are the official calendars. The University of Windsor publishes web calendars on a semester basis (Winter, Spring and Fall).

Note: Students may follow the academic rules and program regulations set out in the calendar of the term in which they were first admitted to the program or any subsequent calendar.

Undergraduate Calendar (Fall 2024) (.pdf format)

Graduate Calendar (Fall 2024) (.pdf format)


2024   Winter   Spring   Fall

2023   Winter   Spring   Fall

2022   Winter   Spring   Fall 

2021   Winter   Spring   Fall

2020   Winter   Spring   Fall

2019   Winter   Spring   Fall

2018   Winter   Spring   Fall

2017   Winter   Spring   Fall

2016   Winter   Spring   Fall

2015   Winter   Spring   Fall



2024  Winter   Spring   Fall

2023  Winter   Spring   Fall

2022  Winter   Spring   Fall

2021  Winter   Spring   Fall

2020  Winter   Spring   Fall

2019  Winter   Spring   Fall

2018  Winter   Spring   Fall

2017  Winter   Spring   Fall

2016  Winter   Spring   Fall

2015  Winter   Spring   Fall